How to Use

  • First get the app from here or build as an android project from source.
  • Start the app on android and create an account, this will start a local encrypted database and setup tor and start an onion v3 service and setup a cryptographic identity on your phone.
  • After tor is done doing it's thing you will have an address you can share with who you want to contact you!
  • To contact someone both of you have to add each other's addresses in the add contact view.
  • When you add someone in your contacts the app will automatically start an encrypted session with that someone by exchanging key exchange messages for the second layer of encryption over the already e2e encrypted onion protocol connection.

And that's it, it's supposed to be easy to use and intuitive.

You now have 2 layers of e2e encryption without storing anything in any servers and only using onion v3 connections, all your messages are stored encrypted in your phone using your password, including all media messages and audio messages.